How the Program Works

Once enrollment is finalized, here is how the program works:

  1. You are assigned to an online classroom.
  2. Inside that classroom you will find all of the following:
    1. All of your lectures for the semester for each class enrolled
    2. All of your assignments/exams for each class for the semester
    3. Program calendar
    4. Class syllabi
    5. Detailed schedule of classes and assignments
    6. Extra credit opportunities
  3. You pick the day and time you want to have class.  Each week you simply log into the classroom and watch the assigned lectures and complete the assignments and examinations.  The lectures are available 24/7.  You must complete all lectures and assignments/exams by the assigned due date.
  4. When you have questions, you can either call, text or email the instructor.
  5. If you are having difficulty with a particular subject, a time can be arranged for a LIVE internet classroom instruction.

Common questions:

  1. Can students work at their own pace and watch several lectures/complete assignment ahead of schedule?
    • Students are allowed to complete work up to one week in advance.
  2. How does the instructor know that the student is watching the lectures?
    • Most lectures will have questions for the students to text or email the instructor answers.  Not only does this indicate to the instructor that the lectures are being watched but they are also worth several points towards the final grade.