Can I sit for the ARDMS registry upon graduation from SMAHE?

Yes, if you meet the requirements of one of SMAHE's prerequisite's then upon successful completion of the program you can sit for the ARDMS sonography registries.

Are SMAHE’s programs programmatically accredited by CAAHEP?

No. Accreditation for SMAHE would be very expensive. If SMAHE was accredited by CAAHEP, that cost would have to be passed on to the student. Right now the tuition cost of our 18 month program is $9000. With accreditation, the tuition would increase to more than $40,000.

Does the fact that SMAHE’s programs are not programmatically accredited by CAAHEP keep me from taking the ARDMS or CCI registry?

No. Our graduates apply under the ARDMS prerequisites that do not require applicants to be graduates of an accredited program.

Do I have to log more clinical time after graduation before I can sit for the registry?

No. All your clinical time is complete. When you complete the program you can sit for the ARDMS or the CCI vascular registries.

Can I begin classes without having a clinical site?

No. SMAHE must approve the clinical site prior to starting classes.