Advantages to the Program

Convenience and Flexibility: Our online program allows you to be in control of your schedule. Instead of you having to “travel’ to the class, the class “travels” to you. You can attend class whenever and as long as you have an internet connection, even wherever it is convenient for you. If that happens to be at 10 am on Saturday morning at your home one week or at 7 pm on Thursday at your parent’s home the next week, that’s fine. The online class is available 24/7.

Lower Cost: Gas, time and food are just a few ways that you will save since your classroom will be in your own home. This can be a huge savings since most traditional programs require you to attend classes at least a couple days each week. If you have young children it could also save on the expensive cost of daycare.

Students Control Lecture Time: Some classes last 50 minutes while others may last three hours. With our online lectures, you control the lecture time for a particular class. The class may last 5 hours but if you choose to watch it an hour at a time or need to pause it 15 minutes into the lecture, you have that option.

You Never Miss A Class: Since the lecture is delivered to you, you never miss a class due to illness, weather or any other problem. The information is always there. Lectures can be reviewed if you did not fully understand the lesson the first time.

Student Interaction: Each student will have their own voice and the ability to ask questions without feeling intimidated. You have a longer time to think about what you want to ask. Sometimes in the “bricks and mortar” classroom, the conversation has moved on before you could ask for a point to be clarified. The online lecture allows you to pause the lecture, get your thoughts together and either call, text or email the instructor your question.