Course Descriptions

Abdominal Sonography I (5 hours each week)
This course is a study of the cross sectional anatomy of the abdominal organs and their normal and pathological appearance on ultrasound.

Abdominal Sonography II (1 hour each week)
This course is a continuous study of Abdominal Sonography I focusing on various pathological of the abdominal structures. Each week various abnormal abdominal cases will be presented to the students with the students being required to list the findings using sonographic terms and making a final diagnosis.

Clinical Practicum I, II, III, IV, (hours depend on program enrolled)
Introduction to the critiquing of ultrasound images on a basic level to improve the students ability to use sonographic terminology in describing ultrasound images. Students will submit 2 basic normal case studies and the analysis of two ultrasound journal articles. This is an independent study.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (4 hours each week)
This is a study of the female pelvic organs in the non-gravid and gravid condition and how normal and abnormal anatomy appears on ultrasound. It includes the study of the normal and abnormal fetus as evaluated by sonography.

Principles and Instrumentation for General and Cardiovascular Sonography (4 hours each week)
This ultrasound physics course is a detailed study of how ultrasound produces our image and how it interacts with tissue. Quality assurance and safety issues are also covered.

Professional Development I (Independent Study)
A study of professional issues in diagnostic medical sonography to include clinical experience, the history of sonography, professional organizations, exam protocols, professional protocols, practice standards and positions and muscle injuries.

Professional Development II (Independent Study)
A study of professional issues in diagnostic medical sonography to include clinical experience, professional organizations, exam protocols, practice standards, record keeping and reporting of sonography technical findings, ethics and medical legal issues.

Small Parts and Miscellaneous Sonography (2 hours each week)
This course includes the study of small parts sonography in the areas of thyroid, breast and scrotum. Classroom instruction on the anatomy and sonographic appearance of muscles/tendons and the retroperitoneum.

Vascular Technology (2 hours each week)
This is a study of the cerebrovascular system. It includes extracranial, intracranial and peripheral vascular imaging. Normal and abnormal conditions are studied as it relates to sonography.

Registry Review (8 hours total time)
This class is a registry review for the areas of abdominal, physics and vascular technology.